Glaucoma Management

What Is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is an eye disease or condition that affects the optic nerves. As time passes, there is slow deterioration; this can cause permanent damage to the optic nerves if proper treatment of glaucoma is not administered. As the condition worsens it leads to hazy vision, which eventually causes blindness.

Symptoms of Glaucoma

Unfortunately, the symptoms usually take a while to appear, which is why glaucoma can go unnoticed for quite some time. The symptoms include:
  • Excessive drying or watering of eyes.
Seeing dark spots and shadowy images Itching, burning, or painful sensation in and around the eye area Increase in sensitivity to light Blurred or double vision Vomiting and nauseous feeling Eye lids becoming red and swollen Problems in focusing on distant and near objects

Treatments for Glaucoma

There is no one specific treatment for glaucoma because the severity and nature of each case is different. There is no complete cure available yet, but fortunately it can be controlled by administering eye drops and proper medication. If the condition is serious, then surgery for glaucoma and other laser procedures have to be considered. It is important to go for frequent eye checkups so that any progression of the disease is detected right away so that loss of vision can be prevented.

How we can help?

At VZN Eye Care, we have some of the finest Glaucoma specialists in Chicago, who perform regular eye examinations to detect this condition. It comprises the following steps: Measuring eye pressure Checking the drainage angle of the eye Testing visual field of each eye Evaluating the optic nerve. The reports provide the necessary information such as the extent of damage and the type of treatment required (open angle glaucoma treatment, glaucoma laser surgery, etc. ). To know more about our services or schedule an appointment, please get in touch with our Chicago glaucoma specialists via phone or email.